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How Close are We? Could Jesus' Second Coming be as Little as 10 Years Away?

“If we interpret the thousand years of Revelation 20:2,4,5,6,7 as literal and exact (rather than symbolic or approximate) then we have our key to the three days of Hosea 6:2.” Reggie Kelly

This chart is based upon the following article: How Close are We? Reggie Kelly

Is this chart date setting? No, this is season setting. It is not date setting if we understand the preceding prophecies that will either qualify or dismiss this interpretation. A lot of events would have to happen before 2030 A.D. Here are a few…


1. A seven-year peace covenant that confirms Israel’s right to return to a Jewish temple and sacrifice.

2. The Daniel 8 confrontation, a specific vision for the time of the end when Iran and Turkey go to war.

3. The rise of the Antichrist after he forms a 10-nation alliance in the Middle East.

4. The primary sign is given by Jesus in Matthew 24:15, aka the Abomination of Desolation when the Antichrist proclaims to be greater than God, stops the sacrifices, takes his seat in the temple and begins to trample Israel.

5. The Tribulation, the great one (Daniel 12:2), begins and the Antichrist begins the persecution of Israel and the Saints.


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