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Prophecy Sign 17: Jesus Returns to Earth, along with the Final Exodus 

Timeline of End Times 12.1.20.png

The time of Jacob‘s trouble. In simple terms, the reason there will be a need for a final exodus of Jewish people out of the Middle East in the Day of the Messiah is (1) it fulfills Jesus role as the the Final Moses, the final Deliverer of Israel. (2) prior to the return of Jesus, Israel will be invaded and captured by the Antichrist and his 10 kings from the Middle East and North Africa. Many Israelis and Jews, along with those who are sympathetic to the Jewish people will be sent into exile in captivity throughout the Middle East and North Africa, only to be set free by Jesus when he appears to fulfill the prophecies of Numbers 24, Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 27.  This will begin the time many prophecy teachers referred to as the great tribulation or the time of Jacob’s trouble.  The following map co


Adapted from “The Passover King” by Travis Snow

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