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The Seven Seals Judgment. Only Jesus has the Authority to open the Large Scroll

In Revelation 6, John begins his description of Daniel’s 70th week with the opening of the seven-sealed scroll, also known as the “large scroll.” Each seal on the outside of the large scroll represents an event associated with Antichrist’s reign upon the earth during the End Times. All seven seals must be broken before the large scroll is opened and God brings His final judgment upon the wicked, Antichrist and his kingdom. Jesus alone has the authority to break open the seven seals (Revelation 4 and 5). When all #Seven Seals are broken, the Large Scroll will be unrolled making way for the beginning of God’s Wrath, to be executed via the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Bowls. In other words, the "Seven Seals" are the conditions that must occur before the scroll is opened and the details of the great and terrible Day of the Lord wrath is revealed.

The seals of Revelation 6 are the same prophetic signs of the End Times, in the exact same consecutive sequence, as the multiple signs given to us by Jesus in Matthew 24:1-31 (The Olivet Discourse). The disciples had asked Jesus what would be the sign of His coming, and the end of the age. Notice that there is not simply one sign we are to watch for, Jesus gave us a complete sermon of events that line up with exactly what John recorded in Revelation 6 and 7. We have been given a chronological road map of the events preceding Jesus' Second Coming at the Rapture. Keep Watching!


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