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Zechariah 14 maps out the Allotment of Land to 12 Tribes of Israel

Ezekiel 48 holds supreme importance for Israel in the future Millennial Kingdom. The chapter reemphasizes the fulfillment of God’s unconditional covenant promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Israel’s position in the Kingdom Age after Christ establishes His rule on Earth.

The Millennial Land is divided into portions of ideal exactness, running alongside of each other, the whole breadth from west to east, standing in a common relation to the temple in the center: seven tribes' portions on the north, five in the smaller division in the south. The portions of the city, the temple, the prince, and the priesthood, are in the middle, not within the boundaries of any tribe, all alike having a common interest in them. Judah (The tribe of Yeshua the Messiah) has the place of honor next the center on the north, Benjamin (The Apostle Paul's Tribe) the corresponding place of honor next the center on the south; because of the adherence of these two to the temple ordinances and to the house of David for so long, when the others deserted them. Dan, on the contrary, so long locally and morally semi-heathen (Judges 18:1-31), is to have the least honorable place, at the extreme north. For the same reason, The Apostle John (Revelation 7:5-8) omits Dan altogether.

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