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The Five Visions of Daniel Paint a Dark Picture of Antichrist's Character and Plans

Purpose of Daniel’s Five Visions: The Church and Israel need to understand the severity of the coming Antichrist and to be prepared for the onslaught of Satan’s final attempt to destroy God’s people and the promised Kingdom of God.

Prophecy Sign 5: DANIEL'S FIVE VISIONS 1. DANIEL 2: COLOSSUS STATUE DREAM, VISION In Chapter 2, the prophet Daniel writes a framework of history and explains the “Times of the Gentiles” or the course of gentile domination over the nation that will follow, due to their disobedience. He uses the imagery of a giant colossus or statue, which depicts four powerful empires that would arise from the earth. Daniel’s vision focuses on these empires that will dominate Israel (and Jerusalem) from Daniel’s time until the Messiah sets up an everlasting kingdom 2. DANIEL 7: FOUR BEASTS REVEAL THE CHARACTER OF THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES, and A VISION OF THE SON OF MAN In Chapter 7, Daniel presents an overview of Gentile dominance over the nation Israel and Jerusalem. Recall in chapter 2, Daniel revealed the course that Gentile domination would take. Daniel now reveals the character of the Gentile empires that will oppress Israel. They will be “beastly” in nature, each becoming worse than the previous. Daniel’s dream foretells of the four future beasts that will dominate the nation Israel and the city of Jerusalem. They are beastly gentile world powers because they would function independently of God. When a man lives apart from God, he behaves like an animal, or a beast. The final kingdom of the Antichrist will be a composite of these four ravenous Satanic beasts, (who will attempt to destroy Israel). And not until these gentile nations have run their course and revealed their character will God set up His Millennial Kingdom. 3. DANIEL 8: THE VISION OF A TWO-HORNED RAM, A ONE-HORNED GOAT, THE LITTLE HORN and 2,300 DAYS Daniel will now give us a very disturbing vision of the end times. In this chapter we are given insight into that critical time of history known as Daniel’s 70th week. In this chapter Daniel saw a vision of a powerful ram with two horns, a shaggy goat with a prominent horn, and a man of intrigue with a stern face. Three times Daniel is told that the vision concerns “the time of the end” see Daniel 8:17, 19, 26. 4. DANIEL 9: DANIEL'S PROPHECY OF 70 WEEKS - BACKBONE OF PROPHETIC TRUTH The prophecy referred to as the “seventy weeks of Daniel” is recorded in Daniel 9:24-27. It establishes the timing of both the First and Second Coming of the Messiah. It clearly teaches the supernatural character of the Bible. It confirms that Jesus was the promised Messiah. It also teaches that a terrible time of “great tribulation” still lies ahead during that period of time known as Daniel’s 70th week. And as a result, this prophecy is often called the backbone of prophetic truth. 5. DANIEL 10-12: SPIRITUAL WARFARE, ANTICHRIST'S RISE TO POWER Daniel’s fifth and final great vision includes chapters 10, 11 and 12. Remember, chapters 10-12 form one continuous vision and the purpose of this vision is given in Daniel 10:14 “Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come." Chapter 10 is a vision of the final Gentile empire that will rule over the nation Israel. The focus of Chapter 11 is upon the spiritual warfare that was involved behind the scenes when Daniel prayed for understanding of the vision. Daniel sees a heavenly man, and we are given a glimpse of the spiritual warfare raging in the heavenly places. In Chapter 11 we see Antichrist’s rise to power in the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. Daniel 12 begins at midpoint and takes us to the end of Daniel's 70th week.


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